If you’re looking for a group workout experience that will drive your body and mind past what you thought you were capable of–all while doing it with some fantastic people–then you belong here! There will be times in the middle of a workout when you think there’s no way you can do this, but the coaches will never stop encouraging you. If it doesn’t challenge you, its not going to change you!


Class Schedule

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6:00am 6:00am 6:00am 6:00am 6:00am
4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm
5:30pm 5:30pm 5:30pm 5:30pm 5:30pm

Gym Location

The AthLab, a 5,000 square foot training facility on Loudon Rd in Latham.Get Directions


Rishi S13
Mark P12
Natalie F11
Michele L10
Joe R8
Kathy B8
Peter S7
Colleen P7
Dave F6
Chris P5
Liz C4

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What to expect


Proper hydration and nutrition is essential. Show up 5-10 minutes early with a water bottle and maybe a towel to mop up lake Michigan after you’re done.


Push harder than you ever have. The instructor will help motivate you, but true motivation needs to come from you. You have to want it!


Mobilize, stretch and grab a protein shake to help recover and be ready to go for the next session.