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Recovery therapies are coming soon to The Athlab! We will be offering muscle compression and muscle stimulation services on Monday, December 4th!

Muscle Compression Therapy

Muscle compression therapy involves the use of compression garments or devices that apply controlled pressure to specific muscle groups. By improving circulation and reducing swelling, these garments help expedite the removal of metabolic waste and deliver oxygen-rich blood to muscles, aiding in faster recovery after exercise. The consistent pressure also minimizes muscle oscillation and fatigue during workouts, enhancing performance, and reduces the risk of injury. Additionally, muscle compression therapy can alleviate muscle soreness, promoting quicker recovery and enabling athletes to maintain a more consistent training regimen.

Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Muscle stimulation therapy involves the use of electrical impulses to trigger muscle contractions, mimicking the body’s natural muscular movements. This technique aids in muscle recovery post-workout by enhancing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and alleviating muscle soreness. By targeting specific muscle groups, it promotes quicker healing, improves muscle strength, and accelerates overall recovery, allowing individuals to return to training faster and with reduced discomfort.