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Gain a Competitive Edge In Your Sport

From middle school through professionals, specialize in helping athletes become more powerful, explosive, and agile.

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At The Athlab, our personal training is approached with an athletic mindset, enabling our clients to reach their peak fitness potential. Our staff includes former collegiate athletes with years of experience in lifting and learning from some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. Clients are skillfully coached through their own custom program, designed specifically with their goals in mind, ensuring safety and fast-tracking them to meet those goals.

Customized Semi-Private Training Programs

Our Athlete Performance program is available to students from middle school through college, and focuses on building a strong foundation for strength, speed, and endurance training. Students are guided carefully through proper form and lifting techniques in order to prevent injury, dysfunctional movement patterns, and tight/weak muscles.

Pricing & Attendence:

Memberships are billed on a 28 day (4 week) cycle. Session credits are flexible, students may change their day/time of attendance from week to week, make up for missed weeks by attending more sessions the following week, etc.

  • 4 sessions over 4 weeks (average 1x per week): $150
  • 8 sessions over 4 weeks (average 2x per week): $250
  • 12 sessions over 4 weeks (average 3x per week): $350
  • Unlimited sessions over 4 weeks (up to 6x per week): $400
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